Working From Home: The Designated Workspace

Working From Home: The Designated Workspace

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a sudden transition to remote work for many in Jacksonville. With this, people quickly came to the realization that a workweek spent sprawled out on the couch with their laptop was simply not going to be sustainable. This is because of how easy it is for “living space” and “working space” to become one in the same. With our days now being spent at home, this is especially true. So, it is important keep a boundary between where we work and where we don’t. Ensuring this will also help to maintain the feeling of being home, even though your house is now your temporary office. The good news is that creating a designated workspace is something that will take you very little time and is easy to accomplish. 

Benefits of Having a Separate Work Area

A designated workspace is just what it sounds like – an area in your home set aside for when it is time to get to work. The benefits of having one include:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Increased productivity
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Elevated energy levels throughout the day

Creating Your Space

When choosing your designated workspace, there are three key things to consider:

  1. Natural lightStudies have shown that natural light can significantly improve your mood, focus, cognitive performance and alertness compared to artificial lighting.
  2. Adequate table space – Elbow room for equipment and supplies will make you feel more organized. It will also seem less cluttered no matter how much “stuff” is on your desk.
  3. An area with minimal distractions – This one may seem tricky, especially if you have roommates or family members staying with you. If distractions are unavoidable, don’t worry! Just be sure to communicate clearly with your housemates and do what you can to avoid facing busy common areas. Putting in some headphones and listening to one of these playlists may also help!

Set yourself up for success by ensuring these three things, and your designated workspace can be anywhere! Just remember, there should be a time and place for everything while working remotely. Only utilize your new space for working or studying to stay in the zone during working hours and fully enjoy the time away from your desk when the workday is over.

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