Welcome to the Environmental Leadership Program!

Environmental Leadership Program

The Environmental Leadership Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students from any major to be awarded a competitive scholarship and participate in a community-based immersion program designed to create the next generation of environmental leaders. The program was created and managed by the UNF Institute of Environmental Research and Education with support from the Cummer Family Foundation, Felburn Foundation and other donors.

This website includes blogs and posters from the completed by ELP scholars. We encourage you to explore website and learn more about projects completed by the student leaders.

About the ELP:

The Environmental Leadership Program selects an elite group of students to participate in the program each year. These merit-based students are selected from all five UNF colleges. The Environmental Leadership Program supports students in a multitude of ways.

  • Prepare students for employment and/or graduate school through applied work in the community and expanded professional networking.
  • Create a “team” comprised of the student project leaders, UNF faculty members, and community partner(s) while also engaging with other students.
  • Develop professional and leadership skills such as grant-writing, program implementation, interpersonal skills, outreach and communication, and valuable leadership training development.
  • Connect our undergraduate students with community partner organizations and government agencies by working on community embedded collaborative projects.
  • Provide “real-world” experiences for the student project leaders by working with community professionals in creating, developing, and implementing solutions to the environmental challenges.
  • Build a career pathway for the student project leaders through building external networks and producing a project portfolio that demonstrates the experiences gained through the ECLP.