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Project Leaders Attend International Conference on Sustainable Development

In September, Bella Genta and Thoren Perego, two project leaders from the Environmental Leadership Program, attended the two-day 2017 International Conference on Sustainable Development. The conference took place in New York City and was hosted by the Earth Institute, Columbia University, the Global Association of Masters of Development Practice and the United Nations Development Programme. To learn more about the conference and its international participants, visit

Photo of students
Project Leaders Bella Genta and Thoren Perego

The two-day conference featured a number of inspiring and candid speakers including the presidents of Ghana and Colombia, the executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme and a host of other academics and sustainable development practitioners. In addition, Genta and Perego also attended sessions and panels where they could engage in more personal discussions, covering topics such as, “Agronomy for Sustainable Development,” “Future Leaders for Sustainable Development” and “Water Security in the Era of Climate Change.”

The international conference not only exposed the two project leaders to the forefront of sustainable development theorems and practices, but also provided them with valuable networking opportunities with leaders in the field. At the end of the conference, they both were excited and hopeful about the future of sustainable development.

Panel discussion


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