Going Green one Film at a time: Producing an introductory video for My Green Doctor

Student: Cameron Tefft

Community Partner: My Green Doctor

A concept fundamental to My Green Doctor is that climate change and health are not separate issues but are more intertwined than most people realize. The World Health Organization predicts that “Between 2030 and 2050,climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 000,additional deaths per year from malnutrition diarrhea and heat stress alone”,(Climate change). My Green Doctor is a non-profit organization to “to help educate health professionals and their patients to make changes in their lives on topics of environmental sustainability and climate change” (Home 2022). Along with all of the content on mygreendoctor.org main ways in which the organization helps to educate people in the health sector is their meeting-by-meeting guide. This curriculum is meant to help establish a culture of green thinking in the office introducing just 5 minutes of My Green Doctor to every staff meeting.