Increasing Green Foods with the SWAP System

Student: Atalia Vazquez

Community Partner: Feeding North East Florida

This project focuses on implementing the Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP) system in Feeding Northeast Florida mobile pantry, The Corner Market. The SWAP system allows promoting healthy food choices within the Corner Market by ranking food based on nutrients. Foods that have been linked to increased risks of chronic diseases such as saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars can be easily identified with a red, yellow labeling system. Green encourages consumers to choose the food item often, yellow choose sometimes, and red choose rarely. Most processed and packaged foods are in the red and yellow category, and fresh fruits and vegetables are in the green category. Since this project is still ongoing, I have highlighted the results of a research study for this poster to indicate our desirable outcome. The study by Stowers KC, Martin KS, Read M, et al. 1 demonstrates how the inventory of six pantries change over a year with the implementation of the SWAP system.