St. Johns Riverkeeper: Litter Capture

Student: Alexandra Marshall

Community Partner: St. Johns Riverkeeper

Rising Tides is an organization for young professional and community-minded advocates who want to help support the St. Johns River through membership and participation in a range of social activities such as monthly clean-up on Hogan and McCovey creek. Rising Tides wants to make a bigger difference on their monthly clean-up on Jacksonville mainstream. Rising Tides want to implement one or two litter captures on St. Johns’ mainstream, Trout River, McCoy’s Creek, and Hogan’s Creek. Watergoats are a floating buoy structure that helps capture litter before it can be carried through our waterways. Rising Tides can collect any additional trash on their monthly clean-up. Rising Tides are weighed the pros and cons of watergoat applies to Jacksonville waterways.

St. Johns Riverkeepers Litter Capture