The Last Plastic Playground With the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Student: Samantha Surratt

Community Partner: Jacksonville Zoo and Garden

This project is to teach younger generations about the harmful effects that single use plastics have on the environment. The kids will be about how it is a tedious task it is to take plastic waste out of the ocean. As well as some fun ways to reduce plastic waste. I produced this project idea because I am in love with the environment and all things in it. So, when I moved to Jacksonville, I wanted to learn how to do my part of keeping the environment safe. Sadly, once I moved to Jacksonville. Jacksonville had gotten rid of their recycling program. At that time, I knew I had to do something to make a change. I wanted to teach people of Jacksonville that just because there is no longer a recycling system in place, one can still find ways to reuse objects. I also wanted to teach others about how harmful plastic waste is for the environment and the animals who live in them so that they would be more likely to find ways to reuse products. I have always been very passionate about the mindset that the children are the future. So, I want to start by teaching the children about saving the environment.