Ivan Korostenskij

From the beginning of high school, I already knew I wanted to make an impact on my community. For years I explored options of service – being active in Habitat for Humanity, volunteering for my local public library, becoming a counselor for the Crisis Text Line, and much more. I so much enjoyed making a positive impact on the communities I was a part of that I continue to serve in all different kinds of ways even now. Coming into college and working through my major as a biology student, I was able to combine my passion for science and my want to help my community by getting involved in environmental advocacy. The Environmental Center Leadership Program (ECLP) is a perfect example of an opportunity for me to both grow and make a difference. Not only do I get to partner up with a sponsor to further my outreach and instrument real change in my community, but I get to take on a leadership role in doing so. Moving between Lithuania and Finland for 8 years, I moved to the US in 2008. I am a native Russian speaker and look to increase representation and involvement of my culture in medical and research professional fields.

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